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End of Year 3 - nearly there!

Over the past three years we have consulted with the Aspley Heath Community, devised and distributed a questionnaire based on the community feedback we received. We have analysed the responses to the questionnaire and used these to guide the structure and emphasis of the Neighbourhood Plan and associated documents. We have completed the Green Infrastructure Plan and the Design Codes document.

Yr3 ends at the end of March 2024. In April 2024 we will complete a first draft of the Neighbourhood Plan. We will review and refine this and then make it available, via this website, to the Aspley Heath Community for review. During this time, on Saturday 20th July we will have a drop-in workshop in the Ellen Pettit Hall - 9am - 1pm where residents can give their feedback on the documents before they go to CBC. The final step, probably in September 2024, is for CBC to organise a referendum of all residents of Aspley Heath to formally approve the Neighbourhood Plan. This step is critical as without community approval, the Neighbourhood plan will not be adopted.

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